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                                           Summer Play Schemes Application Form 2020  Closing date Friday May 29th  2020


The Fund has allocated a small budget to help community groups run Summer Play Schemes, for disadvantaged communities. Some priority will be given to projects which show they are inclusive of children from  refugee families, and show BME involvement. 

Grants awarded range from £500 to £1,500.


Applicants are required to:

1. Complete this form in full

2. Give a brief description of the scheme and programme activities

3. Give full budget details (including details of other funders)

4. Send a copy of your most recent annual report and accounts (which must include a list of Trustees/Board members)


Contact  Details                                                                          Date Sent: (dd/mm/yyyy)
1. Full name of Organisation  

2. Name of Contact Person    

If you are a contact person using your personal contact details (email/postal address/personal phone number) please add the word personal to your name details,

and we will assume you are happy to log these details.

3. Contact e-mail                    
4. Contact phone number      

5. Address                            

                                                          Post code                                 

6. Have you had a Summer Play scheme grant from Hilden before?        Yes      No
7. If YES, amount of grant and date given   

8. Do you have UK charity status?   Yes    No   

If Yes please give your charity number 

If No please explain your charitable purpose or arrangements with another charity and give details

IF a grant is awarded, which Payee should the cheque be payable to?

Please answer these questions

1. Where will most activities take place? 

2. How many children in total will be involved in the scheme?

3. Of those how many are:

     5-11       12-14        over 15   

4. What ethnic background do the majority of the children come from? If not relevant put "General" 

5. What is the duration of the scheme? eg 2 weeks                     

6. Are any special trips planned?  Please give brief details


7. What is your overall budget for the scheme?    

    What amount are you requesting from Hilden? 


8. Please give details of the person responsible for the management of the scheme   


9. Please give brief details of his/her experience to run such schemes (if possible attach a CV)


Health and Safety and Insurance

10. Have you ensured there is adequate supervision of the children at all times?     Yes    No                                                                                                                 

11. Have you ensured all necessary health and safety matters have been checked, and for sports and adventure activity, qualified personnel

       are in supervision?  

12. If you provide meals/snacks please re-assure us that you advise families and children about possible food allergies.

      So the question is We have a food advice policy            Yes    No                                                                                                                 


13. Please give details of your public (and other) liability  insurance                        


14. Date of renewal                                                                                                              
15. Policy number                                                                                                                 

16. Do you undertake relevant checks on staff and volunteers?                                    Yes    No    Not relevant      



17. If Yes  are you registered with                                                                                       Criminal Record Bureau    Umbrella Body    Other      


Finally please return by post this completed form and the documents requested in the Guidelines above to:

Hilden Charitable Fund 34 North End Road, London W14 0SH





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