The Hilden Charitable Fund



charity number: 232591



                                                Overseas Partner Profile 

1. Name of Partner Agency                                                  

2. Country                                                                             
3. Address (overseas)                                                            
4. Website                                                                             
5. Email                                                                                 

6. Is the partner legally registered within the country?          Yes      No

    Does this registration confer tax advantage?                    Yes      No

7. Does the partner employ staff?                                           Yes      No               If so how many  

8. Give name of the manager in the country                                                    

   e-mail contact                                                                    

9. How long have you funded the partner?                           

10. What was the approx. income (in UK £ ) of the partner in the last financial accounting year?

11. How do you  transfer funds to the partner?                   

Please give details                                  

12. Have you adequately ensured the work overseas demonstrates charitable purpose?                  Yes      No

13. Have you adequately ensured the work with your partner overseas includes adequate checks for their work with children and vulnerable adults in line with UK legislation?                 Yes      No



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