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Latest News:

The Hilden Charitable Fund is registered with the Information Commissioner.

The vast majority of our records concern organisations where the information is in the public domain. We secure all our data with relevant safeguards.

Anyone who wishes to check data that he or she feels we may hold on,  he or she personally, should contact Catherine Sotto, Office Manager at the Fund (0207 603 1525).

Important note: any person applying to the Hilden Charitable Fund who is using their personal email/telephone/postal address details must note this in their application. Hilden will only use this data for the purpose of corresponding about the agency he or she is representing.



Hilden accepts applications at anytime but the closing date for the next meeting is Friday Sept 11th. 2018


Summer Playscheme grant applications for 2018 are now CLOSED. 


Applicants please note we will only consider applications from:


- a history of working overseas for at least 5 years

- have an income of over £100,000 in their last two financial years, but not more than £500,000

- if they are working with partners overseas (ie funding their partners) they should show that their partners have been in existence for at least 3 years and have an income of over £10,000


- a history of working for at least 5 years

- have an income of over £25,000 in their last 2 financial years, but no more than £100,000


We accept applications at any time.


When applying, please say what you actually do.

Please do not apply with lots of information on 'need' by regurgitating statistics (e.g. we are 15th most deprived ward in the UK).

If you feel you need to present statistics please ensure you give a) sources and b) actual numbers especially if percentages are quoted.


PLEASE ENSURE you put adequate postage on your application.



Welcome to The Hilden Charitable Fund


34 North End Road, London W14 OSH

tel: +44(0) 207 603 1525



Secretary to the Trustees:

Rodney Hedley


The Hilden Charitable Fund was established in 1963 by Joan and Tony Rampton. It is a grant making foundation registered with the UK Charity Commission, Charity Registration Number: 232591. The Hilden Charitable Fund awards grants to projects both in theUK and in developing countries. The aim of the fund is to address disadvantages, notably by supporting causes which are less likely to raise funds from public subscriptions. Both the UK and overseas fund policy is directed largely at supporting work at community level.

You can find out more about the origins of The Hilden Charitable Fund and its structure in the About Us Section of the website and by viewing our Annual Report

For an interesting and humorous view of grant making take a look at the Cartoons by Cal Younger. Cal is one of Hilden's Trustees.


Current Funding Guidelines

In the UK: Hilden’s grant making priorities are: Homelessness, Penal Affairs, Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and Community Based initiatives for Disadvantaged Young People Aged 16 to 25.

Hilden’s grant making priorities overseas are for projects in developing countries working on community development, education, and health. Trustees will particularly welcome projects that address the needs and potential of girls and women. Trustees will be pleased to hear from UK Non Governmental Organisations/charities and hope that UK NGOs/charities will encourage their local partners to apply directly to Hilden for grant aid.

Average grants are £5,000.  Hilden will consider funding for more than one year.


 Each year The Hilden Charitable Fund runs a Summer Playschemes funding programme. Further details on this are in the Summer Playschemes Section which includes an application form.


We expect all applicants to complete our application form.  Without a completed application form your application will not be considered.


Your case for funds should be concise (no more than 2 sides of A4), but supporting documentation is essential. Please ensure your application includes enclosures of:

Your most recent independently inspected accounts

Your most recent annual report

Projected income and expenditure for the current financial year

                           Go to application form now!


If you have any queries please telephone us: 0207 603 1525

The Hilden Charitable Fund does not give grants to individuals.






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