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                                                                 Application Form 

Which Hilden  Priority             


SECTION 1 Contact  Details                                                                          Date Sent: (dd/mm/yyyy)
1. Name of Organisation       
If a grant is awarded, please give the name as it should appear for the bank transfer/cheque  


2. Name of Contact Person   

If you are a contact person using your personal contact details (email/postal address/personal phone number) please add the word personal to your name details,

and we will assume you are happy to log these details.

3. Job Title / Trustee                  

4. Contact e-mail                     


5. Contact phone number    

6. Address                           






7. Organisation website   

 8. How did you find out about Hilden?       

 9. If a registered charity in the UK please give your charity number  

  If other legal status then please give details

10. Have you been funded by Hilden before?      Yes  No      If Yes please give the date 

11. If registered overseas please give NGO details

12. Please give the year in which your organisation was set up

SECTION 2 Grant Request

13. In a few sentences say what your agency does and the purpose for which you need grant aid. (NB text does not wrap round)





14. Amount requested from Hilden

If the amount you are requesting is for an overseas partner Please ALSO complete  questions about your overseas partner profile

15. How much have you raised towards the project so far?                 

16. Is the grant for on-going work?     Yes                   No 

17. If the grant is for work to commence, on what date will it start?    

18 (a). How many people will benefit from this grant?                            

18 (b). How do you evaluate the benefit? (Please give examples of outputs or outcomes eg. children immunized, young people obtaining qualifications or jobs,

offenders less likely to be re-convicted, communities in developing countries becoming more self sufficient with increased incomes.  Please quote any evaluation statistics you may have collected).

19. If the project involves direct contact with children or vulnerable adults, have you taken appropriate protection measures? 

Yes                   No   If yes can you supply details if requested to do so?


20. Do you calculate a unit cost to measure your impact? If YES give details   



SECTION 3 Your Human Resources

21. How is your governing body constituted?                                                                       

     If membership, how many members have you?                                                                

  22. How many people are on your Governing Body?                                                           

23. How many people do you employ?                                                                                    

      What is that in full time equivalents?                                                                                    

24. How many volunteers do you involve across the organisation?                                 

25. Approximately what was your total volunteer spending in the last financial year?

SECTION 4 Your Finances

26. Please give the date of your last Inspected Annual Accounts and Annual Report      Year ending  


27. From your last inspected accounts please give the information below. Overseas charities please give the amount in local currency and £UK equivalent

                                                                                                                                                                     £UK                          Overseas

27a. What was your total income?                                                                                            

27b. What was your total expenditure?                                                                                  

27c. What were your net current assets?                                                                               


27d. What were your balance sheet funds? (or surplus/deficit carried forward?)     

27e. How many months running costs are covered by your reserves?                        

27fHow much of your balance sheet is restricted and unrestricted?   Restricted     Unrestricted

27g. Please note major tangible assests in your funds, such as a building 

SECTION 5 Your Funding Sources

28. UK charities please complete your funding sources below. Overseas agencies please give details of your funding sources in SECTION 6 below

         Funding Source                                             %                                                                                   %
 28a.  Statutory                                            e.  Earnings from activities  
 28b.  Lottery funds                                    f.  Investment Income           
 28c.  Private companies                          g.  Grant making  trusts        
 28d.  Individual donations                      h.  Other                                     
 29.    Do you claim gift aid?                 Yes    No
SECTION 6 Overseas Charities ONLY

30. Agencies applying from Overseas please give details of your funding sources below. Of your last year’s income what was the percentage funding from:

  30a. Sources within your country        
  30b. Funding from UK                              

30c. Funding from other countries         

 Please name below your 3 largest donors

UK agencies who are applying in support of their partner overseas please complete the PARTNER PROFILE Section below,

OTHERWISE please return this completed form by post with your letter of application (2 sides of A4), annual report and accounts,  with income and expenditure  projections for the next year. Also, send any other attachments you feel relevant) to:

Hilden Charitable Fund 34 North End Road, London W14 0SH










                                                          Overseas Partner Profile click here 


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